Patio Doors

French Swing Window
Built to Last, Easy to use
Heavy virgin uPVC extrusions provide durability as well as energy-efficient performance. With steel reinforcements in the operating panel, your door will operate freely and stay square for many years to come. Vinyl components won’t become brittle or crack over time and are virtually maintenance-free.High-quality vinyl construction eliminates the need for scraping, staining and painting. If you choose to clean your new door, just use mild soap and water. Unlike traditional doors, both door sashes are fully operational for added flexibility. Our door features dual adjustable rollers for ease of installation. Both sashes ride on Schüco´s easy-slide rail system for smooth and simple operation.
Many Configurations Available
Okna patio doors are available in a variety of configurations and sizes to fit most any need. Custom blinds or pleated shades between the glass with a lifetime warranty also available.

Woodgrains, Laminates, and Grids

Value Added Options:
Add some character to your new windows by selecting from our palette of solid interior and exterior colors.

And don’t stop there. Add a beautiful woodgrain finish to the interior of your windows to complement your taste and style.

Imagine the look of beautifully stained wood, without ever lifting a paintbrush again!

Color and Grid Options

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